1. Poker Of Aces 2.0 Free Download !

  2. Lost Signal
    Dissociactive & Groove Hunter

  3. Tales Of Wood
    Wood Warden

  4. Not Human Sarcasm

  5. Flying Ship

  6. Punch Lines EP

  7. Aikyum V.A

  8. Worst Behaviour EP
    Dark Matter

  9. Sound Dispensary EP

  10. V.A Manipurius

  11. Metaphysical Philosophy EP
    Groove Hunter

  12. Best Of World People (Free Download)

  13. Synchronicity In Memorie EP

  14. V.A Modular Island

  15. ChakraView & Friends - Fools Paradise

  16. Skullduggery
    Skyhigh Pirates

  17. Take Off EP
    Mind Pirates

  18. Why Do Engineers Hate Humans. EP
    Dark Matters

  19. Contact With The Groove EP
    Groove Hunter

  20. V.A. Tortuga Secrets #2

  21. Falafel Secret EP
    Noj Nor

  22. Integration

  23. Ego Killer EP
    Wood Warden

  24. Smoking Skills

  25. After The Storm EP

  26. V.A. Cyber Pirates Gathering
    Compiled by Elia N.e.S & Toto WP

  27. V.A. Tropical Blast
    Compiled by Mavzy

  28. Poker Of Aces EP
    WP Various Artists Compiled by Toto WP

  29. Rum Diary EP

  30. Oysturized EP
    Noj Nor

  31. Make a Wish EP

  32. Infinite Chaos EP
    Mind Pirates

  33. Best Of World People
    Free download!

  34. V.A. Unknown Destination - Part 2
    Compiled by Johdah

  35. Crossroads EP

  36. Aegri Somnia EP

  37. Overthinking

  38. V.A. Unknown Destination - Part 1
    Compiled by Johdah

  39. Phreak Tweak EP
    Noj Nor

  40. Euphoric Memories
    Mind Pirates

  41. V.A. Tortuga Secrets
    Compiled by Edell

  42. Potion EP

  43. Riddim I Like EP

  44. One Particular Dimension EP

  45. Uchrony EP

  46. V.A. Milky Way
    Compiled by Little Pumpkin

  47. Rhum & Roll EP
    Skyhigh Pirates

  48. Experimental Pirates EP
    Mind Pirates

  49. Walk The Plank EP
    Electric Mirror

  50. All Pirates Aboard the Ship

  51. Cosmic Chaos
    Synthetik Chaos & Cosmic Iron

  52. V.A. Indian Rhythm

  53. SkyPirates EP

  54. Night Rambler EP

  55. V.A. Trip X-Mas (Free Download!)

  56. V.A. Back to Pirates

  57. V.A. Drop The Ropes (Free Download!)
    Compiled by Stevenson

  58. V.A. Carnival

  59. The Crew & Pirates Revolution - Double V.A.
    Compiled by Toto

  60. V.A. The Duel World People Vs Looney Moon

  61. V.A. Russian Revolution
    Compiled by Dj Toto

  62. V.A. Desperados Revolucion
    Compiled by Toto Wp

  63. V.A. Space Pirates Revolution


World People Prod France

World People Prod is a french label .
At first in 2007 it was a simple compilation made by 10 artists of our annual festival based on the theme of the year,then start to promote friends,
but things changed quickly when some artistes who just came to play at our event had been seduced by our way to think and to do so decided to join the crew,at the moment,we released
12 VA and 19 EP.and 5 Albums
... more

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